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This e-journal contains literally hundreds of articles. They are now grouped into categories. Clicking on the titles will lead you to the actual article.

PLEASE NOTE that access to some of the material requires prior log-in. Registration is free of charge and information divulged will remain 100% confidential.

Administrative Law

 Age discrimination

Amnesty International


Arbitrary arrest & detention, protection from

Australia: High Court

Blog entries: Brian Camilleri

Blog entries: Ivan Mifsud

Blog entries & other articles : Prof. Kevin Aquilina

Canada: Supreme Court

 Consumer rights

Contributed articles


Defence, right to defend oneself

Discretionary powers, use of

Disabled persons 


Duty of Care

Education, right to






European Convention on Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights

European Union: Charter of Fundamental Rights of the

European Union: Civil Service Tribunal

European Union: Commission

 European Union: Council

European Union: Court of Justice

European Union Law

European Union: Ombudsman

European Union: Treaty of Lisbon


Expression, right to freedom of

Fair hearing, right to

Financial Services

Finland: Ombudsman

France: Constitutional Court

France (Miscellaneous)

Germany: Federal Constitutional Court

Governmental liability

Human Rights Education

Human Rights Watch

Hungary: Ombudsman


Inhuman & degrading treatment, prohibition of

International Court of Justice

Judicial review of administrative action


Liberty and security, right to

Life, right to

Malta: Civil Court, First Hall

Malta: Civil Court, First Hall, constitutional jurisdiction

Malta: Constitutional Court

Malta: Court of Appeal

Malta: Court of Magistrates

 Malta: Court of Magistrates (Gozo)

Malta Resources Authority

 Maltese Ombudsman

Marry, right to


Men's rights

Mental Health

Movement, freedom of

Natural Justice, principles of

Netherlands, Kindgom of the

New Zealand


Planning & Development


Presumption of innocence

Prisons, Prisoners' rights






Private & family life, respect for; also privacy in general

Property rights (including right to enjoyment of property, peacful enjoyment of one's possessions, etc)


Public health, concerns for

Public interest

Punished twice for the same offence, breach of right not to be

Sexual discrimination


Thought, conscience & religion, freedom of


United Kingdom (miscellaneous)

United Kingdom: High Court

United Kingdom: House of Lords

United Kingdom: Independent Police Complaints Commission

United Kingdom: Local Government Ombudsman

United Kingdom: Parliamentary Ombudsman

United Kingdom: Supreme Court

United Nations

United States of America: Supreme Court

Voting rights

Whistle blowing

Womens' rights