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Welcome to the StateCareAndMore.eu Court Library. Here you will find summaries of court judgements.


Acknowledgements are due to the University of Malta, which sponsored a student (Ms Annelies Azzopardi, graduating Doctor of Laws in November 2010) for the summer months (July - September 2010).






 Further acknowledgements are due to the following students who contributed summaries on their own initiative and on a purely voluntary basis (listed in alphabetical order):


  • Agius, Ms Sefora (graduating LLB third year)
  • Axiak, Mr John (LLD fifth year)
  • Debono, Mr Mark Anthony (commencing LLB third year)
  • Mifsud, Ms Martha (LLB third year)
  • Mifsud Bonnici, Mr Clement (graduating LLB third year)
  • Pace, Ms Vincienne (LLD fifth year)
  • Testa, Mr David (graduating LLB third year)
  • Tonna, Mr Stephen (LLD fifth year)


The StateCareAndMore.eu Team wishes to thank the above, because if it was not for their generosity and hard work, this section of the e-journal would not exist at all. We hope that the visitors of this e-journal will find this work interesting and useful.


Last but not least, thanks are also due to Prof Ian Refalo for kindly allowing us to include his work 'Cases in Administrative Law' .


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