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The StateCareAndMore.euTeam currently consists of Ivan Mifsud, Professor Kevin Aquilina, Brian Camilleri, Chris Soler and Marse-Ann Farrugia.

Ivan Mifsud is the StateCareAndMore.eu Coordinator, and as such assumes responsibility for the contents of the StateCareAndMore.eu website. However, no responsibility is assumed by any member of the StateCareAndMore.eu Team, for contents of the partner websites, or for the contents of any other sites linked in any way to this one. As regards blogs (including responses) and articles accepted for publication, the views of authors (where the articles or blogs are not written by a member of the StateCareAndMore.eu Team) do not necessarily reflect the views of the StateCareAndMore.eu Team.

Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web address: http://www.statecareandmore.eu

This site is regulated by the Laws of Malta. The contents of this site are not to be interpreted as legal or other advice but are offered only by way of information, with a view to raising awareness for the topics covered, and stimulating debate. The visitors of this site are reminded that if they require legal or other professional advice, they are to consult their lawyers or other professional practitioners.

 Use of this website is free of charge to the users, but Visitors are encouraged to register with us. The email address submitted will be used by the StateCareAndMore.eu Team, to communicate imporant information related to the website, namely updates, new articles, etc. All of the data submitted by way of registration will be kept confidential.