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The News

Conditions of Admissibility (ECHR)

28 July 2010, Strasbourg. The Research Division of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recently published an updated list of 'Conditions of Admissibility'.

These are the conditions which have to be met before a case can be lodged with the Court, failing which the application will be declared inadmissible. Below is a list of the 'key case-law issues' (documents whose chief aim is to provide information to persons intending to make an application to the Court). These documents were prepared by the Court's Research Division, and are intended for information-purposes only i.e. are not in any way binding on the Court (click the links):

The Court's Research Division also published a series of documents entitled 'Applicability of the Convention articles most frequently relied on':

Note: the documents are also available in French and Russian