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The News

Message from the EOI President

Dr Ullrich Galle, President of the European Ombudsman Institute (http://www.eoi.at/), and Ombudsman for the State of the Rhineland-Palatinate (http://www.landtag.rlp.de/), in a recent letter to the StateCareAndMore.eu Team, wrote that he considers the website to be an 'excellent idea' . He furthermore expressed 'support without reservation (for) the five points listed...' in the StateCareAndMore.eu Team's correspondence of 29 April 2009, to which he was replying.


Dr. Galle was refering to the stated tasks and aims of the StateCareAndMore.eu site:

1. dissemination of knowledge and raising of awareness about Citizens' rights including the right to good governance and to receive a good service from the State;

2. target audience: not limited to lawyers but also person working in government service and anybody else who is interested in learning more about his rights and the State's obligations towards him;

3.  initially limited to Maltese and European Union Law, but eventually expanded, with the help of contributors and depending on demand;

4. highly professional, but user-friendly;

5. free of charge to the Visitors of the site.

 The StateCareAndMore.eu Team thank Dr. Galle for his message of support and is pleased to add the EOI and State of the Rhineland-Palatinate websites to the small but growing list of Partner Sites.