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The News

The University of Malta Law Students' Society

The Law Students' Society at the University of Malta, more commonly known as GhSL (Ghaqda Studenti tal-Ligi), has existed since 1943. As the number of Law Students increased, no doubt the work of the GhSL has increased too.

Dr Ivan Mifsud, StateCareAndMore.eu Coordinator, was a Law Student himself between 1993 and 1999, after which he lost touch with the GhSL. When, in April 2009, he Googled GhSL to see what had become of the Organisation, and how those involved go about representing the interests, and working for a law student population which in recent years has balooned to at least 500 (rough guess on Ivan's part), he was pleasantly surprised to find that GhSL had a very well designed and informative website (http://www.ghsl.org/), which no doubt mirrors in positive terms the service provided by the GhSL Executive Board and other Representatives to the Law Students.


The StateCareAndMore.eu

The StateCareAndMore.euTeam currently consists of Ivan Mifsud, Professor Kevin Aquilina and Brian Camilleri.

Ivan holds a Ph.D in Administrative Law. The title of his dissertation is The State's Duty to Care when Acting in an Administrative Capacity. He has ten years work experience with the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman in Malta. He is also the Chairman of the Prison Board of Visitors (which monitors the Prison in Malta and ensures that it is up to internationally accepted standards).

Professor Kevin Aquilina, also a Ph.D holder, is Head of Department of Media, Communications and Technology Law at the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta. He has a keen interest in Constitutional, Administrative and Human Rights Law. He lectures on Development Planning Law, Public Corporations, Biolaw, Public International Law and European Environmental Law. Professor Aquilina has published various works, both in Malta and overseas.